If you stop and think about sex for a moment, you realise God has a sense of humour. As great as sex is, it can be pretty odd at times, and it’s certainly not a serious, orderly way to procreate or make a couple one flesh.

Sex Should Be Fun and Playful

Having a sense of humour about sex helps when things don’t go as you want: you can’t get into a new position, someone moves wrong and one of you gets hurt, your body makes a horrible noise, or one of you says something nonsensical just before or after orgasm. 

Beyond humour, a sense of playfulness is a great thing to bring to bed. From first hint to final sigh, sex should be about playing. Be silly and tease each other. Enjoy each other and let things go where they will. Experiment with new things without any fear of what might or might not happen. 

If your sex life has lacked fun you can change it. Make small changes at first, and be sure some of them benefit him. Test the boundaries in a light-hearted way, and encourage hubby to do the same. Take the pressure off of sex and make it something you both enjoy well beyond the physical pleasure of orgasm. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m all about fun.

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