In Monday’s Porn: It’s Not What You Think post I said porn was not about sex. I explained how porn use is a way of self-medicating pain because porn gives the viewer a hit of dopamine. As with any self-medicating, the user will deny they have a problem and/or blame someone else. Husbands caught using porn often blame it on their wife. If she just gave them more sex or more variety, they would have no need to look at porn. There are several problems with this:

  1. You’d be hard pressed to find a married man who never looked at porn before he was married. Most men have seen thousands of porn images by the time they say “I do”.
  2. While sex with one’s spouse does release dopamine, partner sex is rarely as immediately available as porn. Sex is a great way to enjoy and get closer to your spouse, but it’s not a good way to get a fast, easy dopamine hit.

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This is why some men who have plenty of sex with their wife still use porn often. They want sex with their wife for a variety of reasons, including some good, healthy, right reasons. They turn to porn to dull their pain. In their minds the two things are unrelated. If such a man satisfies the arousal caused by porn with his wife he may tell himself the porn isn’t a problem because he still wants, has, and enjoys sex with her.

While there are all kinds of problems with this thinking, it may be helpful for you to see his porn use and your sex life with him as two separate but entangled things. Porn is his drug. 

Porn is like high-fructose corn syrup. Starch is extracted from corn, then it’s processed with several enzymes to convert some of its glucose into fructose. The process includes being demineralized and purified with activated carbon two different times. The end product has almost nothing in common with the corn it came from. Porn is extracted from real sex, and then modified, and filtered. The end result has almost nothing in common with real sex.

Because porn is not sex, you don’t want to compete with it. If you were able to repackage yourself and twist your sexuality to be like porn, you wouldn’t be having sex with your husband. You would be having porn with him, and that’s not what God intended or what either of you need. Just as trying to live on high-fructose corn syrup would end badly, so does trying to replace sex with porn.

You are not porn, you are a beautiful daughter of God. Becoming porn would require removing most of what you are and converting the rest to something other than God intended it to be. Doing this would be destructive to you, harmful to your marriage, and an insult to God. 

You don’t have to compete with porn, porn has to compete with you! If your husband is looking for sexual intimacy, rather than a fix, porn can’t hold a candle to you. If he’s not happy with what you have to offer it’s not about you, it’s about him. The problem isn’t how you look or what you’re willing to do sexually; the problem is he’s looking for a high, not sexual intimacy.

The idea a man turns to porn because his wife is “failing” sexually is a lie. It would be like turning to used motor oil because there was no water! Porn can’t provide what real sex with another person provides, so a lack of sexual intimacy will never cause a desire for porn. I say this from personal experience. Even though I had used porn heavily a decade before, I was NEVER tempted to go to porn when Lori and I were having sexual difficulties. What I wanted was intimacy with my wife, and I knew from experience porn couldn’t provide what I so desperately craved. 

That said, if a lack of sex causes a man to experience anger, depression, or one of the other triggers I mentioned, then he might choose porn as a way of dulling said pain. He wouldn’t be using porn beause of a lack of sex, he’d be using porn to self-medicate the pain he felt because of a lack of sex. Of course he could easily ignore this distinction and blame his wife, but he’d just lying to himself about his problem.

Bottom Line: Porn use is never, ever, about a man’s wife. He may tell her it is to manipulate her, or he may tell himself it is to feel better, but it’s a lie.

~ Paul – I’m XY and I want sexual intimacy, not porn.

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