You are both beautiful and broken, all at the same time. How does that make you feel? From what I read in the Bible God is fine with this mix, and He wants us to be fine with it too.

Learn to Love Both the  Beautiful & the Broken

I’m certainly not saying we should stop caring about fixing our broken places. But the reality is we will still have broken places the day we die, and this will be true even if we work as hard as we can and live past 100. 

The other side of this is honestly seeing our beautiful places. God made you a beautiful woman, and there are plenty of wonderful things about you. Don’t let others tell you that you are broken in places that God calls beautiful, and don’t downplay your beautiful places. Embrace both the broken and the beautiful and stop being so hard on yourself.

Of course you husband is also beautiful and broken, and God seems to be okay with that too. How do you deal with that reality? How can you see his beautiful places better? How can you look at his broken places more the way God sees them?

~ Paul – I’m XY and I’m beautiful and broken.

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