October 26, 2013

We offer most of what we do for free because we do not want money to be a limiting factor. Thing is, we spend a lot of time doing what we do on-line, and our mortgage company is not willing to take marriage ministry as payment.

When we started ministering on-line we had our own landscape and irrigation company. We earned money to pay our own bills, and the small costs of the ministry. As we spent more time ministering, we had less time to earn a living. As of Feb 2015 all of our income comes from our marriage minstry efforts.

Most of what we earn comes from:

The Marriage Bed – the website we started 16 years ago as a safe place for Christians to get information about married sexuality. Donations for our support can be made through this ministry as it is a 501(c)3.

Shop and Support – this is a page with links to on-line merchants. If you are shopping on-line and start on this page, anything you buy from merchants will give us a small commission. It doesn’t affect your purchase price so it’s a painless way of helping us financially.

Amazon and others – when we link to books, we use links that earn us a bit of commission. We are very picky about the books we recommend!

Heavenly Special Teas – a great product Lori uses which she thought would be fun to offer others. If you’re a tea drinker you will enjoy these quality teas.

Odds & Ends

Lori sells books and a few other items on Ebay and through Just Between Friends.

We run a small publishing company.

We are working on a couple of books – TBA.


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