We Are Donation Supported

November 30, 2015

We Are Donation Supported

We take donations via Razoo, PayPal, Bitcoin (see below), or check. The Razoo widget will process cards from this page. PayPal and BitCoin leave the site.

Check or BillPay

You may print out our donation form and mail with your check or money order. Make checks payable to The Marriage Bed. 

mail to:

Paul & Lori
c/o The Marriage Bed, Inc.
4641 Lyons Hill Road
Springdale, WA 99173

Donate with PayPal

Help us help marriages!

Having left the “day job” early in 2015, we are supported by donations as we travel around the country doing marriage ministry. Money donated towards our support will go specifically to us, and is tax deductible on US tax returns.

We appreciate your prayers and financial gifts – we couldn’t do this without you! Thank you all for your help. 

Donate with BitCoin

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