We Are Almost Ready!

Welcome to The XY Code!

We’re still putting on the finishing touches, and some of the links don’t work yet, but, you can use the buttons to the right to subscribe by RSS or email.

The XY code is an attempt to explain to women how the male mind works. If you know what he thinks, feels (yes, he has feelings) and desires (it’s not just sex) you will find it easier to share a life with him. The better you understand how God made him, the better you can bless him, and the better you can communicate your needs to him. This blog is not about “telling you what you should be doing for him” – it’s about having a better marriage for both of you. You cannot change him, but you can motivate him to change in ways that make your life easier. You can also learn small things that will make a big difference to him.

The XY code is a joint effort from Paul, aka The Generous Husband and Lori, aka The Generous Wife. Paul will do most of the posts, with Lori editing and saying “You can’t say that” as needed. Lori will be taking part in the comments.

Our intent is to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We expect to start posting on November 1st. 

Hope you will join us!



9 Comments on “We Are Almost Ready!

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    We will limit comments from men – sorry!

  2. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve always loved studying the differences in the way the two genders think.

    I clicked to follow you on Google Plus but it’s not really working yet. I have facebook but I typically reserve that for family news.

  3. I tried to subscribe by putting my email address in and pressing the Subscribe button and got this message: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled!” Just fyi

    • Strange – My tests last night worked, and I have 85 subscriptions this morning.

      I’d take it personally! Please try again and let me know.

  4. I’m a long time reader of ‘generous wife’. This new blog is exciting! I’ve got my husband, who I’m learning to understand, but also a son — who is very much a mystery to me! I know your target audience is wives/husbands, but I hope to learn a bit more about the Little Man.
    Rachael recently posted…Ways to participate in ‘talk like a pirate day’My Profile

  5. I’ve been on a journey trying to understand the male mind for years. I greatly look forward to your combined wisdom and insight!!

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