Explaining means…

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It begins.

The goal of this blog is to explain to women what their husbands think and feel, and why they do what they do. However:

  • This does not mean his way is right.
  • It does not mean your way is wrong.
  • Explaining in no way excuses or justifies any sin.
  • Neither does it free him from the consequences of his choices.

What explaining can do:

  • Equip you to reason with him.
  • Make it easier for you to explain things in a way he will understand.
  • Allow you to share your wants and needs more effectively.
  • Give you opportunities to bless him.
  • Make it more likely the two of you can work out problems.

In short, the better you understand him, the easier both of your lives should be. 

It will seem at times that I expect you to do what it takes to change your marriage, letting him off the hook. When I talk to men, I focus on what they can do to better their marriage; when I talk to women, I focus on what they can do to better their marriage. I also tell men that the most mature spouse starts the changes…

I look forward to making the male mind a bit less confusing place for you!

~ Paul – XY and loving it!

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2 Comments on “Explaining means…

  1. Thank you, Paul, for trying to get through to my mind what I feel clueless about when it comes to men! Married 47 years, I was totally unprepared for up close relationship, and my husband was in the same place. My family home was not real healthy, but he was from a very dysfunctional home. On our honeymoon I felt abounded by him emotionally, and still to this day feel the same. I believed him to be a Christian, but he was not until almost 3 years ago. I was not happy with God for bringing us back together after being separated for over 16 years, but can now see a possibility that there can be a relationship built. I will visit your other site too, for more helps!

    • Linda – You certainly have our prayers. All those years when he was not really following God had to have caused a number of problems.

      I need to write something about men and spirituality. We are too often close and even embarrassed about that.

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