I Love God, I’m Just Private About it

I think many men are rather private about their faith – probably too private. Our walk with the Lord is a very personal thing, and for some men it feels even more personal than sex. What’s more, much of society tends to see serious spirituality as feminine.

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I have not struggled with this much with my wonderful wife, but I have found it to be a problem with my kids. I want them to see me praying and talking about my faith, but it feels so revealing that it is uncomfortable. I think I have done a decent job overcoming this, but it has taken a good deal of effort.

If your husband is this way, with you and/or the kids, realise that pushing the issue too much will only make him feel worse about it, and he will withdraw even more. Find ways to encourage him, and especially to let him know how much you like it when you get a glimpse of his faith in action.

Look for “safe” ways to engage him spiritually. Ask him to “pray about _____ this week” rather than asking him to pray about it right then and there. Ask him what he thought about the sermon after church, or ask his opinion on a particular passage of scripture.

~ Paul – XY and deeply in love with Jesus.

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Image Credit: © Fotografescu | Dreamstime.com

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One Comment on “I Love God, I’m Just Private About it

  1. I’ve been reading The Generous Wife for a month now and am really liking your XY blog too! This describes my husband and it’s a helpful reminder to back off a bit! Thanks, Paul.

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