Smell? What Smell?

Odds are your sense of smell is far stronger that your husband’s sense of smell. It is not that he just does not care; studies have found women can detect smells at lower concentrations than men can. Women are also able to improve their ability to smell something with repeated exposure, while men cannot do the same thing. What’s more, women are especially sensitive to body odour, and fragrance is much less effective at masking body odour for women than for men.

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All of this is to say he really does not smell much of what you smell, and when he does smell something, it is not as strong for him as it is for you. This means he probably is not denying he smells something to avoid cleaning; he really does not smell it.

Do I think you should put up with stinky? Not at all! (I happen to be sympathetic to this because I have a very good sense of smell for a man.) I think you should help him understand the gender based difference in sense of smell, and then ask him to work with you to ensure you do not have to deal with too much stink. Explain to him that you smell the garbage when he does not, and that his body odour is very strong to you when he has not showered. Ask him to work on changing things out of love for you.

One final thought – your sense of smell is even stronger during pregnancy and when you are ovulating. I once talked with a woman who could not figure out why she could not stand the smell of her husband a few days every month. Sure enough, it was during ovulation that she was having a problem. Once she understood, she could explain it to her husband and ask him to shower better and more often for those few days.

~ Paul – XY with an XX nose

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One Comment on “Smell? What Smell?

  1. This is true, I believe I’m more sensitive to smells during my week of PMS… I realized my husband had grasped this when I was asking him if he smelled a store’s employee’s BO, (it was bad enough to me, I had to bury my nose in my husbands back, and he didn’t smell it at all.) He later made mention that I was PMS’ing. After I thought about it for a minute, he was right. He actually is the one who put the connection together before I did.

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