Is He a Master of Assumption?

It would be neither fair nor accurate to say men are worse at making assumptions than women. However, if your husband is given to the practice it can create problems. 

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One of the most common assumptions is “Other people are basically the same as I am”. Of course, this is not correct, and it is even less likely to be true when the two people are not the same gender. Common problems that arise from this include:

  • She can do this as easily as I can.
  • She needs the same amount of time to do this as I need.
  • It will take her the same amount of emotional energy to do this as it takes me.
  • This won’t bother her any more than it bothers me.
  • That will be as interesting to her as it is to me.

Gender differences aside, you are a unique person, and you are not the same as your husband. If your guy is a master of assumption, you should regularly communicate to him how you differ from him. Expect he will need to hear about most differences repeatedly to get them set in his mind.

What wrong assumptions does your husband make about you?

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Image Credit: © digitalart

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