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It seems to me that wives usually get the worst of the holiday work and stress. Not that man are immune, they just seem to end up with less of it. In part, this may be because it is more socially acceptable for men to say no. There is also the fact that women traditionally are saddled with most of the decorating, food prep, gift buying and wrapping, and caring for the kids who are excited out of their little gourds. 

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All this, and then I get emails from men who complain they don’t get sex for a week either side of Christmas. Sigh.

I would like to introduce you to the gift of no. Yes, it can be a great gift to give yourself, but it can also be a great gift for your family. When you say no to things, you gain time. You reduce stress, you feel better, and everyone wins.

Of course, your husband may get upset when you say no. I suggest you counter by explaining what saying yes will cost you. Ask him if he wants a nice calm wife, or a woman who is in danger of going postal on the next Salvation Army Santa she passes. 

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~ Paul, I’m XY and I do the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry relish. 

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Image Credit: © Vadimb | Dreamstime.com

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