What He Most Wants in Marriage

Every Thursday I post a survey on marriage and sex issues (see below if you would like to get notice on these). A couple of months ago the question was “What Is Most Lacking in Your Marriage?”

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We all know what the men said – sex, sex, and more sex! Yes, that was the most listed thing that was lacking – with 66% choosing it.  However, the stereotype ends there. The second most listed item, chosen by 54%, was romance. This was followed by 47% saying they want more time together, and 44% saying their marriage needs more non-sexual touch.

Ladies, this is men saying they want more romance, time together, and more non-sexual touch! I know you are thinking these men must be an anomaly, but the fact that two-thirds said they want more sex does suggest these are normal men.

I also asked how important various things are, with one being most important, and sixteen least important. The chart below is the average for men taking the survey:

Survey results © surveymonkey.com

Sex was number three, after communication and time together.

So is your husband an outlier, or would he rate these things about the same? You might be surprised. Apparently, most men want more than sex from their wife – how encouraging!

~ Paul, I’m XY, and I desperately need time to talk with my fantastic wife!

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One Comment on “What He Most Wants in Marriage

  1. A guy can’t get romantic and get into a lot of non-sexual touching without also wanting sex. If he feels he is likely to be rejected in the bedroom, he won’t torture himself by starting something he knows he won’t get to finish. A lot of times wives take the same idea and push away from romance and kissing and non-sexual touching because they don’t want to get him wanting sex. Avoid rather than reject.
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