How Many Men Does it Take…

Q. How many men does it take to check a woman’s antifreeze level?

A. Every man in the group.

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I was at one of our regular gatherings recently. We are usually four couples, plus a mess of kids. On this night, one husband had a work obligation, so his wife came with their three children. As she was getting ready to leave, she asked the man of the house where we were meeting if he had any anti-freeze. She said she could get home on what she had, but would not have heat. The three adult men insisted on checking it for her; she had a long drive, on rural roads, and the thought of her breaking down with a baby and two children on a night that was going to be in the mid-teens (-10 C) was not something any of us was willing to risk. So all of us went out and looked in the radiator – more than once. It is a one-man job, but we all felt we had to go. Why?

It was a chance to rescue a woman in need. God gave men a desire – I would say a need – to help women in distress. Not so they will give us something in return, but because we care about them and want them safe. We feel protective of women, especially those we know.

Men have a need to help women, but we all live in a society where many woman act offended by help. When your husband wants to “rescue you”, letting him is a kindness to him. When he wants to rescue some other woman, do not assume a wrong motive on his part. If his rescuing will put him alone with another woman, offer to go with him – both for his sake and her comfort.

~ Paul – I’m XY and this post helps explain why I’m doing this blog.

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  1. And this woman thanks you and your wife for this blog. It is truly amazing the depth of wisdom and insight God has given you and the way that you can communicate His truths in such a clear and challenging way. Thank you.

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