Why I Mopped The Kitchen Floor Today

On Friday last, my loving wife told the world our kitchen floor was overdue for a good mopping.

Honesty, I had no idea before I read her post. I do not see things like that. I know she sweeps almost daily (I see her doing it) and I figured it was fine. 

Today while she was out, I mopped the floor. The question is why did I mop it?

Man with a mop © Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime.com

I did not mop the floor because it bothered me (see above) and I did not do it to get something in return. I did it because I love her and it bothers her. I choose to make what is important to her important to me. (In part, this is her fault, because of her generous thing rubbing off on me.)

That said, there is another very important reason I did the floor – I knew doing it would not cost me. Some men (maybe most?) might have thought about doing it, then decide it was not worth the hassle they would get from their wife. Yes, you read that right – if they did something nice for her, she might get upset.

  • She might complain because he did not do it right. 
  • She might think he was making a statement about her housekeeping, and get angry with him.
  • She might feel like a failure because he “had to do it” and be down the rest of the day.

The wife who has done any of these things more than once has clearly told her husband “If you know what’s good for you, you will not help.”

~ Paul – I’m XY and I know where the mop is kept!

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Image Credit: © Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime.com

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