Men are MORE Emotional than Women

We all know women are more emotional than men, right? Turns out this is not the case. Recent research indicates men have stronger emotional reactions than women do, but they suppress their emotions better. The result makes it look like men are less emotional.

Studies of men’s faces show they can have a stronger initial emotional reaction than women do. However, in a couple of seconds his face changes to hide his emotion, or even show the reverse of the original emotion.

Why do men hide their emotions? The most popular theory is necessity. When men go to war or go hunt food for their hungry family, they must stay focused on the goal. Emotions could cost them their life, or the lives of their family. Likewise when negotiating something vital, emotions can interfere with getting a good deal. For most of history, it has been important for men to be able to suppress their emotions, and it has become a social standard. Boys understand and enforce this even at a young age. Boys who show emotion become the target of bullying and harassment. This pushes those boys to learn to suppress their emotions.

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It seems the male brain is wired to make emotion suppression easy. When women experience stress, the part of their brain that reads faces and emotions becomes more active. When men are stressed, the same parts of the brain become less active. Stress reduces a man’s ability to read other’s emotions. He loses empathy, making it easier to fight or take advantage.

Hiding emotions is a difficult habit to break. Even when we know it is okay, showing our emotions is hard. This is especially true for things like fear and sadness. Many men learn to cover “negative emotions” with something they see as more acceptable. Anger is the most common cover emotion, and it can become so automatic he is not even aware he does it.

Don’t Argue When He’s Stressed

Because stress shuts down his empathy, it is a bad idea to discuss things when he is stressed. If you can discuss difficult things when he feels relaxed, it will be easier for him to hear you and respond as he would like to respond. 

Along the same lines, it is wise to avoid difficult discussion when either of you is hungry, tired, or feeling overdue for sex. Wisely choosing when to have hard talks will benefit both of you.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and “being emotional” got me hurt in school more than once


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3 Comments on “Men are MORE Emotional than Women

  1. My wife and I are both emotional. I always have been. I’ve never cared to hide them. Sometimes this has been a good thing (cathartic) and sometimes a bad thing (anger can be damaging when directed toward others). Emotions are integral to who we are. God made us with them. We are to allow them to flow through us – wisely as you put it. They help us and others more than they hinder. I believe the more we allow our emotions to flow correctly the healthier we are. Suppressed emotions can damage us in ways we may not fully comprehend.

    As a father, particularly, I am intent that my kids have a healthy example of a father and husband to follow. Both my son and daughter will develop an awareness that it’s okay to cry, to laugh, to be sad, to be joyful, to be thoughtful, to be angry (at times). They will also know better what to look for in friends and future spouses.
    Dr Richard Norris recently posted…Marriage Is Meant To Be Addictive Not DisposableMy Profile

  2. I know you grew up in the Sates, so your being less afraid of emotions than many men is not cultural. That said, are emotions more acceptable for men where you are now? What about other parts Europe, do you know?
    Just curious.

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