10 Sure Ways to Make Arguments Worse

Last year I did a post with the same name over on The Generous Husband. Now the female version of easy ways to make arguments worse. (Or do the opposite if you want things to go better!)

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  1. Tell him what he thinks or wants. Pretending you know his mind better than he does is sure to make him mad.
  2. Bring up other, unrelated issues: Because nothing escalates a fight like adding other problems to it.
  3. Raise your voice: Who needs facts when their voice is louder!
  4. Say, “If you don’t know I’m not telling you.” This is a great way to aggravate him. 
  5. Use phrases like “You never” and “I always”: Because nothing makes a point like exaggerating it!
  6. Use the silent treatment: He will give in eventually, right?
  7. Get over emotional: He really has no good defence, so abuse this to the max.
  8. Out talk him. You have more words, so just keep going until he raises the white flag.
  9. Side step the issue by attacking his integrity. Accusing him of lying when he is not is sure to change the subject
  10. Punish him by withholding something. Treating him like a child is will give you a better position, isn’t it?

I know many of these are subjective, and some are valid or unavoidable at times, but even then, they tend to make matters worse.

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