Compliments are Gold

How often do you compliment your husband?

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There is no big gender difference on this one. We all want to hear what we have done well, and hearing it from our spouse is particularly important. I can tell you this matters more to most men than they let on. He cares what you think about him (perhaps a bit too much).

  • Comment on something he often does well.
  • Compliment him for something he just did for someone.
  • Thank him for something he has steadfastly done for you.
  • When you see another husband failing where your guy does well, thank him for that thing.

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3 Comments on “Compliments are Gold

  1. I have come to understand that complimenting and appreciating what my husband DOES is akin to him telling me he loves me. Men tend to need to know they are effective. Verbal appreciate of their actions confirms this for them.

    Shawn T Smith does an excellent job explaining this in “A Woman’s Guide to How Men Think.”

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