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In the What Your Husband Wants You to Know survey, about ten percent of the men mentioned oral sex. This was surprisingly low.

Oral sex questions are among the top three issues we hear about, especially from men. Anything about oral sex is also sure to get more traffic than other articles. We have done 119 surveys in the last two years, and only six have over 1,000 responses. Two of those six are on oral sex – including the Oral Sex – Attitudes and Prevalence survey we just completed.

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He Wants to Receive

In the What Your Husband Wants You to Know survey man said, “Receiving oral sex from them is more important than they believe or we communicate to them.” Having talked to hundreds of men about sex, I known he is correct. Most men do not mention it as often as they want, or make as big a deal about it as they would like. Among other things, men worry they are gambling what they have by saying much about oral. Even if your husband brings it up “all the time”, he may not be be expressing how much he wants more oral sex.

He Also Wants to Give

In the survey, several men said they would like to perform oral sex on their wife more often. In the Attitudes and Prevalence survey, this was a common complaint in the comments.

Another common complaint was “she is too uptight about receiving”. I understand why women are concerned, but they should not be. Only .3% of the men said it was “gross”, with another 1.5% saying they don’t like it but do it for her. Only 4% dislike the smell/taste, while 61% like or love how their wife smells and tastes. Almost half of the men said preforming oral on their wife “gets me very excited”.

Is It Time To Revisit the Issue?

Some men can take or leave oral sex, and a very few dislike it. However, the overwhelming majority of married men would like more oral sex in their marriage. Due to fear or guilt, most of these men will downplay the issue even if their wife  asks them. If he does not express dislike, assume he wants to both give and receive oral sex more than he has let on.

But HOW do I do it?

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2 Comments on “The Other Big O

  1. Yes, oral sex is a big deal for a lot of men. I also think that more women would enjoy receiving if A) their husbands knew how to perform it properly and B) they could get past the false notion that there is something “wrong” about it and C) they could really understand that, as you mentioned, most men REALLY love providing oral sex to their wives. I am of the full belief that God meant for sex to include all of our senses, taste included!

    Thanks for the referral, by the way. :)
    Bonnie @ Love, Marriage and Sex recently posted…The Benefits of Being a Sex BloggerMy Profile

    • We REALLY, REALLY do like “doing” our wive orally. The aroma (so much better a word than “smell, odor or even the less offensive ‘scent’. We should all endeavor to use it instead. I also love the term cassolette) is excitingly intoxicating. As to the taste, it is those first few tastes before your own saliva dilutes it and you tongue becomes accustomed that are superb. I’ll bet you never thought about how it is only the first few tastes that are so satisfying. What women would know that unless she had been with another woman in that way or was accustomed to tasting herself from her own hand or a toy. I now find myself wondering what a woman would have to say about tasting a man’s body that I haven’t even remotely considered as a guy? Being curious about almost everything is a blessing. It keeps me young.
      Dan recently posted…If Duty Sex Isn’t Her Duty, What Is? Part 2My Profile

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