Food(less) Fight(ing)

I have warned the men following The Generous Husband about being “hangry” – anger caused by or made worse by being hungry. Now a professor at Ohio State University has done a study showing how true this is.

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Lead author of the study, Dr Brad Bushman, explains glucose helps us with self-control. When our glucose levels are low, we are less able to moderate aggressive behaviour. The study (see below) showed couples were more willing to be nasty to their spouse when their blood glucose was low. They were also willing to be nastier.

The lesson here is avoid have a difficult discussion on an empty stomach. When you have both eaten, you are less likely to get into an argument. Additionally you will find it easier to control yourselves if things do get heated.

By the way, the other thing the h in hangry can stand for is horny. The chemical processes are different, but when a guy feels overdue for sex, he has less self-control. I am not saying hungry or horny excuse bad behaviour, but both cause problems we cannot ignore. We can and should fight it, but avoiding the issue all together is far wiser.

~ Paul – I’m XY… feed me.

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  1. Voodo Dolls… What kind of person would even agree to take part in such a study?

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