It’s Just a Flesh Wound…

Science says he is better able to withstand pain. Alternatively, he may not feel it as much. Whatever the reason, the same painful stimulus is worse for you than it is for him. Some have suggested this is all a matter of men being macho, but some smart studies (see links below) have found there is more to it.

Among other things, pain activates different parts of male and female brains. In women, much of the activation is in parts of the brain involved in emotion. In men, there is more activation in parts of the brain involved in thinking. When men focus on the pain, rather than the emotions of the pain, they can tolerate pain even better. For women focusing on the pain does not help.

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This is why he gives you grief when you complain about pain from what he sees as a minor injury. It is why he gets frustrated when you make a big deal about his “minor injuries”. Understanding the gender differences at play here could help you both offer more grace when one of you is hurt.

Side Note: Estrogen increases a woman’s ability to tolerate pain. This helps a woman deal with the pain of childbirth, and it means her sensitivity to pain varies during her cycle.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and duct tape can fix any injury short of accidental amputation.

Gender Differences In Brain Response To Pain ScienceDaily
Women feel pain more than men BBC NEWS

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8 Comments on “It’s Just a Flesh Wound…

  1. Hmmm…I always heard the opposite, that women had a higher pain tolerance.

      • I really liked the post on GH about non-sexual touch. It really is difficult to touch my wife, other than holding hands and not think of sex. I think to some degree it has to do with men not feeling sexually satiated. We crave what we like but feel we don’t get enough of. I also feel it is part of God’s design that touching our wives inflames our desire. My point there is often we touch to be touching, but the touching creates desire within us at times. We don’t necessarily touch because we are aroused, but touching arouses us. And then there is the truth that I do like touching all of my wife, including her primary and secondary sexually intriguing body parts. After all, I don’t get to touch any other woman’s parts. She’s the only game in town.

        I comment here because I don’t G+ or Facebook and thus can’t leave a comment on GH.
        Dan recently posted…But It Seemed Like Such A Good Idea at the Time: Part 2-Technical PlanningMy Profile

        • You can set up a livefyre account to comment on TGH.

          Women do not usually understand why most touch arouses men. Insufficient sex may be a factor, but not like you might think. When a man is having plenty of sex touch still gets him going sexually, but not as strongly, and often not enough he feels he must pursue it.
          Paul Byerly recently posted…It Is Not God for THIS MAN to Be Alone!My Profile

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