Can I Pray for You?

Seven weeks ago, I asked the men over on The Generous Husband if I could pray for their marriages. I set up an anonymous survey so they could pass on their prayer requests. So far, 128 people (mostly men) have shared prayer requests. I pray for these, a few at a time, during my twice daily times with the Lord. The requests have been enlightening, encouraging, and heart breaking. No doubt, some of them are a bit selfish, but this does not jump out. Many are about the man, wanting to grow, wanting to know how to show love, wanting to be a better husband. Some are from men deeply wounded by their marriage, looking for hope, or just the ability to keep going.

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It would be interesting to send these prayer requests to the men’s wives. Of course, I do not know who they are, and would not do it if I could, but I suspect many women would be pleasantly surprised by their husband’s marriage prayer requests. 

Now it’s your turn. Use the one page anonymous “survey” to send me you and your spouse’s first names and a few notes on what you would like me to pray for you. Try to keep it short – I don’t need details or background, as God knows it all. 

I believe prayer changes things. I also think asking for prayer will change you, and I know praying for you will change me.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I pray!

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2 Comments on “Can I Pray for You?

  1. Thank you for blessing so many marriages-the world needs more prayer warriors for marriage.

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