He’s Too Hard on the Kids!

I often hear women say their husband is too hard on their kids. He expects too much, he punishes them too harshly, or he does not understand what they can and cannot do. Some of these women are right, at least in areas. Some are unnecessarily concerned, or even over protective.

Sad Child © Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

I have seen kids who are well behaved when they are with their father, and badly behaved when dad is not around. These kids have figured out mom and dad have different standards, and they live up to or down to those standards. Do the kids behave around their father because they are terrified? It does not look that way to me.

God gave kids a male and a female parent because they need both. They need the strengths of each gender to grow up to be healthy, productive adults. The “trick” if figuring out how to balance what you offer and what he offers.

When you think he is being too hard on the kids, talk about it. Don’t just complain, ask him about what he is doing and why. What is his goal? What is he concerned will happen if he is more lax with the kids? He may have given it more thought than you realise.

Share your understandings, insights, and concerns to build a joint parenting style. Your children and society will be better for it!

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Image Credit: © Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

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2 Comments on “He’s Too Hard on the Kids!

  1. I want to know why men get some kind of kick out of discussing bowel movements or why they take SOOO long in the bathroom. That’s what I want to know. Answer me that, Sherlock.

    • Discussing bowel movements? Not a big thing in the circles in which I run. Flatulence however seems to be a big deal, and I do not know why. Maybe it is because they cannot discuss child birth and they feel left out?

      As to so long in the bathroom I know men who are that way, and others who seem to think there is an award for getting in and out as fast as possible. Then there are those with smartphones who take up residence…
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