Thank You Encourages More of the Same

My wonderful wife often thanks me for something I have done. Sometimes it is something for which a thank you would be expected, but often is for little things. She thanks me for doing things I should do, things that are “my job”.

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It always feels good to be thanked, even when what was done was no big deal. I find her thanks makes want to do whatever I did again. I know this is human nature, but I think many men are more affected by this than many women are. We like to play tough and say, “it was nothing” or “don’t mention it” but like everyone else we want to be appreciated. 

Look for excuses to thank your husband; you will both benefit. 

~ Paul – I’m XY and I need affirmation too. 

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Image Credit: © Stuart Miles |

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One Comment on “Thank You Encourages More of the Same

  1. So very true. It is really well-received when you have done something she usually has to “prompt” you about. Not only are you being thanked for doing it, but recognized for remembering to do it without a marital aid. I try to remember to do the same of my wife, especially when it is something that is “her job” anyway. Showing appreciation can also be part of giving your wife attention if you are deficient in that area.
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