A Sex Adventure

I have written about a man’s need for adventure. I have also discussed the fact sex is very important to him. When you add those two things together, you get a desire for sexual adventure!

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I realise those two words together may seem intimidating, but it need not be. Adventure comes in various forms, and it need not be risky, illegal, or immoral. The adventure is in doing something beyond the norm. For most men adventure in small doses is enough, and there is no need for adventure every time you make love.

The thing about desires is they grow when left unmet. This is true for anything from needing a break to craving chocolate. His desire for a bit of sexual adventure is the same – it will get stronger if you ignore it. Occasional indulgence can satisfy desires, so try to be a bit adventurous once or twice a month. Push your limits a little at a time. Your husband will enjoy it, and maybe you will too.

I have avoided giving specific suggestions here because this will look different for each couple. If you want a safe place to get some ideas, I highly recommend the Hot, Holy & Humorous blog, where J writes about “Sex & Marriage, by God’s Design”. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and adventure is in my blood.

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Image Credit: © Velirina | Dreamstime.com

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3 Comments on “A Sex Adventure

  1. This post took forever to load and I’m not seeing the photo, just the title. All other sites seem to be working well on my computer, so I don’t think it’s on this end.

  2. It really doesn’t always take that much adventure and it does not have to be and adventure every time out. I was just thinking about a remark my wife once made about variety and adventure. “I don’t know what you want me to do or be?” At the time, I took this as a sign of copping out on simply being more sexual. In reality, she have have been telling me she needed me to communicate what my expectation were. “Let me know what you want so we can talk about it.” In the parlance of John Gottman, I missed that bid.
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