Don’t let Logistics Stand in the Way of Calling

When I overheard my lovely Lori listening to the talk below, I knew I would have to listen to it myself – and share it with you ladies.

What’s so sad is that when women fail to take their lives seriously, no one wins.”  ~ Lynne Hybels

I pray every woman who sees this will do some deep thinking about her life. Are you using your gifts? Are you following your passions? Have you found your calling in life, and are you pursuing it with all you have? I have seen too many women grow miserable and empty because they did not do the things this video advocates. Not only does it destroy the women, it harms their children, hurts their husbands, and cripples their marriages.

No one wins when a woman sets her passions aside for her family. Certainly, there must be careful balance, as Shauna discussed at the end of her talk. There will be times you cannot do what you want, and times when doing what you must costs those you love. Neither of these means what you are doing is wrong.

No doubt, some of you are thinking, “How do you suggest I get my husband to go along with this?’ I have posted the same video, and some rather strong words, for the men on The Generous Husband today. If pointing your husband over there might help, go for it. Beyond that, I would love to see discussion of this in the comments. Maybe together we can help some women find a way to live their passion.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I want my wife to find her passion and live it to the fullest! 

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