If I Were Not Here…

I’ve heard women say things like “If I were not here…”

  • …the kids would starve.
  • …the bills would never get paid.
  • …he wouldn’t have any clean clothes.

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I suppose it seems as if he has no awareness these things need to be done, or how much it takes to do them.

I wonder if these women have clearly stated the problem. Not griped or made sarcastic comments, just said “I need your help” and explained the situation.

Men tend to be out of sight, out of mind. Even though we should know something, we can easily dismiss it and never think about it again. If it gets done, and no one says they need help, we likely assume it is getting done by magic. I am not suggesting this is right or good, just how we are.

If you need help, I suggest you discuss household chores in general. Find out which ones your husband really hates, and which he does not mind. He will do a better and more consistent job with things he does not hate.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I would like to apologise for the lack of thanks you get for what you do.

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Image Credit: © koratmember | freedigitalphotos.net

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One Comment on “If I Were Not Here…

  1. So very true. I too can’t explain why we can “not see” something needs doing or that our wives may need help. I can walk into a room and not notice she has recently vacuumed the carpet, and yes I do vacuum and do my own laundry. I can live with the clutter that drives her crazy. I don’t get ready to leave the house a minuter earlier than I have to. I don’t think about what to eat tonight this morning. Those are all things most women do without prodding whether they like doing them or not. I can’t say we’ll never change, but it doesn’t seem likely. However, I am a work-in-progress.
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