The Ups and Downs of Sports Fans

If your husband is a sports fanatic, you have no doubt noticed how his team’s winning and losing affects him. The effects are not just in his head – studies have found men’s testosterone levels go up about 20% when “their team” wins, and go down about 20% when “their team” loses. Some have speculated this is why rioting is more common by the winning team – the added testosterone fuels aggression.

Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII © Anthony Quintano | Wikimedia Commons

Other studies have found fans of a losing team eat more calories after a game, and focus on less healthy foods. Additionally there is some evidence winning team’s fans are more likely to have sex following the game.

Are women affected the same way? Few studies have been done, but it seems there is a similar effect. Studies have shown the strength of the effect is modified by how dedicated a fan is to their team, so if he is a more rabid fan he will be more affected than you will.

Do what you like with this information. Maybe stock up on junk food or lingerie depending on how his team is looking for this year?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and “my team” won the Super Bowl last year!


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Image Credit: © Anthony Quintano | Wikimedia Commons

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