Boredom + Male Sex Drive = Bad Things

Bored men do stupid things, and there is a good chance their penis will be involved.
~ Me

I said that to Lori the other day (yes, we talk shop all the time) and she laughed because she said it was so true. 

Bored man thinking of looking at porn. © Mrkornflakes |

One common non-sexual reason men use porn is boredom. Not sexual boredom, just boredom. Looking for something exciting (because of boredom) is also a common factor in adultery. In both these cases, the real goal is not sex; the goal is to feel alive, to be excited, and to have an adventure. The hormones and brain chemicals released during sex, along with the parts of the brain activated, makes sex an effective way to feel a thrill. 

I am not saying this to justify anything. This is an explanation and a warning. Boredom is a dangerous thing, for both men and women. Boredom can lead to people doing stupid things. Because of their strong sex drive, bored men are more likely to do stupid sexual things. 

If your husband has sinned sexually, ask yourself if he might have been acting out of boredom. It does not change what he did, but it might help you understand why it really was not about you. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, but almost never bored.

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4 Comments on “Boredom + Male Sex Drive = Bad Things

  1. Your quote made me laugh, too, a witty quote with much truth. I liked this article because I don’t think many women realize this. It’s hard for a woman to step outside of hurt and betrayal to understand (although not condone) underlying causes. Boredom is simple to fix. Other underlying causes aren’t so simple. Thanks, Paul!
    Bonny recently posted…Words of Wisdom: Sex MattersMy Profile

  2. If you are bored as a husband, it is very possible that your wife is bored too. She may act it out in a different way than you so it may be difficult to recognize as boredom but boredom it is. Just because she is spending a lot of time watching TV, cooking, doing with the kids, or eating does not mean she is doing what she wants. She may want to be doing with you, though not necessarily sex until she feels connected again.
    Dan recently posted…It’s Not All about YouMy Profile

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