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I regularly tell men they should know their wife’s cycle as well as she does. Regardless of how easy or horrible your cycle is, your husband can make things easier if he has a clue. For some men this is close to a self-preservation issue, while for all of us it is a matter of kindness.

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I point men to my Her Cycle article as a starting place. Thing is, you are an individual, and no article is going to tell you husband all he could and should know about your personal dance of the hormones. You are the only person who can fully educate him. If he seems unwilling to listen, tell him what he learns could make his life easier. If you really want to get his full attention, tell him your cycle affects your sex drive.

Talk to him about how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically at various points in your cycle. Talk about bloating and soreness, feeling grumpy and feeling like you are in a mental haze. Tell him when each happens, and the struggles they cause you. Explain you are not trying to get a pass on how you act, but help him understand why you may find it difficult to be your usual sweet self at times. 

Then give him updates about where you are in your cycle, and what he can expect the next few days. Tell him what he could do to make things easier or make you more comfortable. Again, you can increase his interest by using sex. If you have a few days of higher drive, be sure to “warn him” by saying something like “Beware – I’m approaching the horny part of my cycle.”

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I have sympathy for the hormone roller-coaster my XX sisters ride.

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Image Credit: © ponsulak | freedigitalphotos.net

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