Great Gifts in Flat Boxes

Do you know what he really wants for Christmas?

Odds are some of what he most wants cannot be put into a box and wrapped. He might want peace in the home. Maybe he wants more time with you. Perhaps he wants to have everyone over for the Super Bowl. An occasional quickie or you initiating sex once in a while might be on his wish list. Is there an adventure he has been trying to get you to go on with him? 

Christmas Coupon © The Marriage Bed

If what he really wants cannot be wrapped, give it to him in the form of a gift certificate. We have some gift certificates over on the TMB site. You can download them as doc files and fill in your gift before you print, or you can download and print the PDF format and write in your gift idea. Cut them up, put them in an envelope, and you are all set. By the way, there are sex coupons at the bottom of the page is you want to mix in some of those.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I like giving bits of paper

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Online fundraising for Year-end-kickoffOne Third!: We are $31 short of the one third mark for our year-end giving drive. We are so very thankful to all who have given, and those who will. You can help by clicking here.


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