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Are you filled with holiday spirit, or frazzled with too much holiday responsibility? It seems we as a culture do (and spend) far too much this time of year, and it seems women are worse off than men are. I don’t know if women bite off more, or if they have more thrust upon them – probably some of both.

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Are you tired of it? Why not make next year a holiday season you can enjoy? It means doing less, maybe far less. It means saying no to some friends, and maybe family. It may mean upsetting and disappointing people. Still, I think it is a wise choice. I see many my age (50 something) finally doing this, and I would love to see younger couples do the same.

The way to do this is to think about it at the end of this holiday season. Determine what you and your family really enjoyed. Separate what was worth the time and money from what was not. Then write down what you decide, and review it next year before the holiday rush starts. This works best if you and your husband do it together and agree now how you want your 2015 holiday season to go.

Along these lines, here are two posts that look at this from different directions (and coincidentally use the same image):

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~ Paul – I’m XY, and I hate to see anyone exhausted by Christmas

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