Most Read Posts from 2014

I’ve never liked doing these on my blogs, but I always like reading them on other blogs. So…

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Most Read 2014 Posts:

  1. Why Your Husband Wants You To Wear Lingerie (But Won’t Tell You) A great guest post.
  2. 5 Things I Wish Someone had told my Wife about Male Sexuality Not everything women hear is correct.
  3. He Wants to Shower with You And not just to save water! 
  4. He Wants to use the Entire Playground Wanting to experiment sexually is normal for men. 
  5. Why Sex is Such a Big Deal to Him Probably not what you think.
  6. You Might be Sexually Normal If…  A few Many words on the range of normal for women.
  7. What Makes Him Feel Respected? Based on a survey of real, live, men.
  8. What Your Husband Wants You to Know Based on what men from The Generous Husband had to say. 
  9. Will He Ever Be Sexually Satisfied? An analogy using Chocolate Lemon Bars (complete with recipe). 
  10. Every Man has Two Sex Lives? Is he a different man in his thoughts?

Most Read Pages:

  1. What Husbands Want Their Wives to Know Raw comments from the survey.
  2. OUR OTHER WEBSITES Yes, we have way too much time on our hands.
  3. ABOUT US Pretty much what it says.
  4. AFF LINKS Why we use affiliate links.
  5. WHAT WE BELIEVE Always a good thing to know about the folks behind blogs.

~Paul – I’m XY and I just learned most of the most read posts here are about sex.

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