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I’ve been thinking about how to add to what I do here. Then I calculated the Most Read Posts from 2014 and found 8 of the 10 are about sex. Given only about 30% of what I post here is about sex, this is rather telling. 

However, I don’t want to just write more about sex. I think what I say about sex has more meaning, and is easier to take seriously, because of all the other things I say. I’m not just some guy on the Internet telling women what they should do in bed! Besides, I know some women don’t want any more about sex.

So, here is my suggestion, on which I invite you to vote. I am thinking of adding a separate section to the blog in which I would write more “how to” articles. I’d still be trying to decode the male mind, specifically as it relates to sex. Decoding the little male mind if you will. I’d give a link to these in the main blog as I do them, but I would not push them out via email, or I’d set up a separate email list if desired. I’m guessing I would do a couple of these a month.

Woman dragging man off to bed © Bryan Creely | dollarphotoclub.com

To give you an idea what these articles would be, I point you to a how to do a striptease article I wrote for TMB a few years back. What I write here would have a bit more explaining of why certain things work for him, but the “heat level” of the striping article is about what I am thinking. Of course, many would be more hands on, and would talk openly about sexual body parts. These articles would be not replace the sexual posts I usually make on Friday.

If you have any interest in this, please read the striptease article and then give me feedback on this anonymous survey. Or, it you think it’s a horrible idea, skip the article and hit the survey.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I know how men think about sex.

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2 Comments on “A Possible New Feature

  1. I’d like to say that, though I enjoy all your posts, I most appreciate the ones that help me understand the differences between men and women. My husband and I used a couple of them as discussion starters (he doesn’t always agree with you, by the way) and this helps us figure things out together. I highly recommend doing this, by the way! We are both pretty good communicators but we aren’t always speaking the same language and we don’t always realize that.

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