My Mostly Silent Partner

I need to take a moment to thank my wonderful wife, Lori, for all her help on this blog. You don’t see much from her other than the occasional comment, but her cute little fingerprints are all over the XY code.

Paul & Lori © Forest Byerly

I’ve written to men for more than twelve years now, and I know how to talk to men. Women are not men (kind of the point of this blog) and you see, hear, think, and process differently than men. I don’t need to be blunt here, you will get subtle. Over the top is more likely to put you off than get your attention. These things are true for what I write and the images I use.

When I started this, I gave Lori veto power over anything, from topics, to word choice to pictures. I needed a woman’s eye checking what I do here. In addition to turning out a far better blog, I am learning some interesting things about women. Lori’s input is teaching me how women tend to react to certain words and images. 

In a more general sense, a man’s wife is always a part of what he does. Even when she is not there and has no idea what he’s doing, her influence has shaped his thoughts and actions. In my experience, a wife’s shaping is positive far more often than it is negative. So, thanks to my wife for helping me be better, and thanks to all the wives who have made men as a whole a bit more civilised. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I made a smart aleck remark just before the picture above was snapped.

Worth Reading: The other day I ran across I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, And It Wasn’t Fair. Does a good job of addresses something I hear men complain about.

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6 Comments on “My Mostly Silent Partner

  1. Great support Paul. Anyone who has been married for a while, when they take an honest look, will see how valuable their spouse is to their success.

    That is a good article you quote. I think I may also use it since I write to men and they have mentioned the “clod-husband syndrome” in advertising.

    My wife Elaine, is a wonderful help meet to me and my business. She has the ability to make people feel at home in our home which as you know helps tremendously in coaching.

    I may write a series on “Nagging, naggee’s (if that’s a word)” and the results that follow. Perhaps we can collaborate on a series for both blogs?

    Thanks again for your support for married couples.
    Jerry Stumpf recently posted…How’s your sex life going to be in 2015? I want to help make this the most incredibly intimate year ever for you two!My Profile

    • You are old enough to remember when TV was the other way on men and women – men were smart and got things done, women were less intelligent and did very little of worth and value. From one wrong to the other, back and forth, over and over.
      Paul Byerly recently posted…How I Became CriticalMy Profile

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