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In a recent comment, a wife encouraged others to use my posts as “discussion starters.” This is probably the way to get the most out of what I write here. I know many couples struggle to find things to talk about, so any help is good.

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It might be tempting to cherry pick which posts you share. Hit him with the things that upset or confuse you, right? I think you’ll have better success if you share all the posts. Some will generate no real conversation, others a great deal. The advantage of sharing all of them is he won’t feel you’re using them to change him. 

The commenter also said her husband did not always agree with my take on things. No surprise, I doubt any man out there has agreed with everything I’ve said. I think men as a whole are slightly more monolithic than woman as a whole, but there’s still a good deal of variation. Even when 80% of men fit into a box, there are those who don’t, and they will be on both sides of the “norm”. Consider what I share here as showing you where the target is. My shot may fall well short of the bull’s eye for your husband, but it should be close enough to allow you to see the target. From there you can work on zeroing in on the bulls eye is for your husband.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I have nothing cute to say here today.

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4 Comments on “This Blog As a Conversation Starter

  1. We had a lot of fun going through your ‘ways to initiate’ list…:-D

  2. Just a thought ladies, you may want to ask your husband (if you don’t all ready know) if he minds you forwarding emails to him. My husband prefers me not forward him emails, he would rather me bring something up in conversation than to send him one more thing in his email. Some topics can be tough to broach if I have not sent him the email first, so I will send him those and ask a question in my message and always say I love him (very simple and to the point message). And I give him time to read it and think through his response, sometimes he brings it up when we finally are alone and can discuss it and sometimes I do.
    Rachel S. recently posted…Cyber Monday at EduCentsMy Profile

    • Great thoughts!

      If it’s sexual, be sure it’s not going to cause problems. Most companies just dump such things, but I know one fellow who got called in because his wife kept sending “inappropriate emails.”
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Something Different, Part IIMy Profile

  3. That is a problem with authoring a blog where you may be regarded as an authority for your gender. Your point of view may indeed be accurate, but often it comes from only your paradigm. At times like that you are relying on your readers and community to add other perspective. We men are more alike than women are, but still one size does not fit all.
    Dan recently posted…Her Sex Is Broken and I Gotta Fix It: Part 2 — OrgasmsMy Profile

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