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So this is my 200th post here on the XY code. When I started I wondered if I could come up with enough content without straying too far from the idea of exploring the male mind. It got a bit difficult around the one year mark, but once I got past that it’s been easy.

I must say this has been educational for me. I’ve learned a good deal from your comments, and much of that has shown up in Generous Husband posts. Thank you for being part of a feedback loop!

Moving forward I will continue to focus on explaining what on earth is going on between his ears, and why it’s not as crazy as it seems to you. Some posts will not be along these lines, but the majority will. Next month I will start the new section with detailed sexual how to articles, and as much as possible I will include information on what is going on between his ears when you are between his legs.

Thanks so much for your comments and support – you’ve made it fun and easy.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I like purple. 

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