Valentine’s: Your Holiday

Many men see Valentine’s Day as “her holiday”. Others see it as something invented by greeting card companies to sell things. Why do so many men feel this way?

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Because Valentine’s Day has never been good to them. They experience it as a rigged pass/fail test. Even worse, passing had no benefit other than avoiding the penalty resulting from failing. 

Many men have a difficult time with romance. It doesn’t make sense to them; they don’t get it. Expecting someone to do something they do not understand is setting them up for failure. Some women are helpful, while others refuse to give their husband any idea what they want. More than a few men have heard some version of “If you loved me you would know.”  I get it – if he loved and understood his wife, he would know what to do, right? Yes, he would, if he had a female brain

Most men are willing to make an effort for Valentine’s, at least at first. If they do their best and “fail” several years in a row, their willingness lessens. If they can’t solve the puzzle, why even try? This results in a halfway effort just so they can say they tried. It also means no one is happy.

If you are always disappointed by your husband’s Valentine’s efforts, maybe it’s time to rethink.

  • Have you really told him what you want? I mean told him in a way a man can understand? If not, please do so. 
  • Are you expecting too much? Yes, he should recognise you on Valentine’s Day. However, you may have bought into some unrealistic propaganda.

Worth Reading: Brad and Kate of One Flesh Marriage are starting their 5th annual sex challenge on the 14th. This is a ten day challenge, so it’s much easier than some others. It’s also about more than sex; they talk about the intimacy necessary for regular sex. Check it out and pray about it. 

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One Comment on “Valentine’s: Your Holiday

  1. Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    After 20 years of sexless marriage
    valentine’s day can go down the loo

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