Valentine’s Day and Sex

On Monday, I mentioned doing something to make Valentine’s Day good for your husband. One obvious option is having sex. 

Given Valentine’s Day is on Saturday this year, may I suggest you seduce him first thing in the morning? Initiate sex, or do something making it clear you are willing. Full sex with both of you climaxing would be his preference, but anything you’re willing to do for him would be well received. When you finish, give him a kiss, and say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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There are several of advantages to doing it this way:

1) There is no pressure on you the rest of the day.

2) He can relax, rather than wondering if sex will occur.

3) You make it clear you are having sex with him because you love him, not because he passed the Valentine’s test.

4) If you really want to blow his mind, you can go again at bedtime.

BTW, if you are a higher drive wife, I’m deeply sorry. You might show him what sex means to you by telling him to skip the flowers, candy, and dinner, and just have sex with you.

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14 Comments on “Valentine’s Day and Sex

  1. But my husband and I always have sex on Saturday morning – it’s our only morning together, because of our work schedules.

  2. Thanks for not forgetting about the higher drive wives who already struggle with feeling ugly, worthless, and far inferior to the wives who are desired. That sounds sarcastic, but I’m serious. It is very thoughtful of you to acknowledge us.
    Things have been getting better for us, and that’s good, but I stopped initiating about six months ago and cannot bring myself to do it. My husband recently told me he misses it a lot, but oh well. A few years of being rejected and feeling like the ugliest woman on earth makes one tend to not want to put themselves out there anymore.
    Twice in one day? That would be amazing. I’m lucky if we have sex twice a week. So ladies, if your man actually wants you, be thankful! That is a blessing.
    I’m going to try to feel confident this weekend. My husband says he loves it when I’m happy, so that will be my gift to him, whether he wants me sexually or not.

  3. Valentine’s test? That startled me. I don’t know that I ever thought about it that way–but I suppose my husband did for a lot of years. Interestingly, it’s easier for him to pass that test when he’s sexually satisfied. Go figure. :)
    Chris recently posted…Romance His Socks Off!My Profile

  4. This is the second time today I have heard about morning and night sex on Valentine’s Day. I just wonder if he’d be up to it (sorry about the pun). We are doing the ten day challenge that starts tomorrow. I’m so excited. We’ve been practicing. :)

  5. That “test” idea is a great way to put it. Many men and women for that matter, look at the sexual intimacy as a test of their relationship.

    Another way to take to pressure off is to let him / her know that sex is on for the morning. Write a note on the mirror or place a not somewhere he is sure to find on Friday. That builds anticipation without the issue of “Am I getting any sex on Valentine’s Day?” which many spouses question.

    No matter which one is the higher drive spouse, the pace is set by the lower drive spouse.
    Jerry Stumpf (@JerryStumpf) recently posted…How Marriage Date Night Changes Through The YearsMy Profile

  6. Reading your blog and just now discovering the Forgiven Wife blog, I have to laugh and say: gee, you men sound pathetic, worrying and anxious about whether you are ‘getting any’! LOL! How have you all managed to run the world, discover and invent things, etc?

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