Look What God Did!

About 13 months ago, over on The Generous Husband, I first our dream of getting an RV and travelling full time doing small seminars and meeting folks around the country. In an update on the idea last June, I said, “There is no way we can make this happen, it will have to be God.” Now God has weighed in.

A couple of weeks ago while we were kicking tires at the local RV dealer, we found a used trailer we really liked. We thought we could fairly easily convert it to be what we needed. However, there was a problem – we’d not done a fund raiser yet. I’ve been watching the market here for more than a year, and I know sales are dead until the Spokane RV show the end of January, then things start to move. Used units sell fast, and prices go up just as fast. We had good reason to think our bank would give us a loan, and we kicked the idea around. However, I never had real peace about it, and the morning we were going to go into town to talk to the bank I felt it  was not what God wanted. We prayed, and set it aside. 

Within two hours, I had an email offering a FREE RV. It was sitting at a park managed by a friend at church. The Christian couple living in it were moving for work, and did not want to take it across the country. They asked our friend to find someone who would be blessed to receive it as a gift! 

Our new home © Paul H. Byerly

Last Friday it became ours! A 34 foot fifth wheel with two slide-outs, for the cost of transfer and sales tax. We spent most of Saturday checking it out and thinking through how to modify it for our needs. It’s a 1999, but it’s a quality unit and in good shape. It has a few extras we wanted to add when we had the money – things like a washer and dryer, solar panels, extra batteries, and an inverter with clean enough power for our computers.

It needs a bit of work, and we don’t have a tow vehicle yet. This is where we ask you for help. We want this to be a true crowd-funding thing, with donations from $2 to $5. As that’s about what a coffee costs at Starbucks, we are calling it “Send us out with a cup of coffee“.

I figure we need about $20,000 to get on the road. As Lori and I each reach tens of thousands of people, achieving the goal on donations of no more than $5 should be easy. You can help us out in either of two ways:

  1. Fold a piece of paper around a few dollar bills, toss it in an envelope, and send it to:

    Coffee cups and change © Paul H. Byerly
    Paul & Lori Byerly
    PO Box 2166
    Deer Park, WA, 99006-2166

  2. Hit PayPal. (Note we will get a bit less than you give due to fees).

We will keep you updated on how many people send something and the total amount donated. If you write a check, make it out to The Marriage Bed. Due to the number of small donations we are expecting, we will not be acknowledging them individually for this fundraiser only. If you wish to give more, please use our normal donation page.

We are excited about what God has done. We are excited about being able to travel so we can meet and minster to many of you. I will make occasional updates here, and we are starting The Generous Journey for those who want to follow the story more closely.

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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3 Comments on “Look What God Did!

  1. WOW! HE is Relentlessly Faithful! I will definitely send U something! But for now, let me share a short phrase that’s been on my heart – GOD can give me ANYTHING but more time.

    I need to be Generous with everything in my life, including my TIME, but I need to guard my time, because what I have is all I get.

    Ur post this morning proves my point. FREE! He Cares!! It also confirms what I shared about my day yesterday:

    JimDCat recently posted…Contemplative Monday MrngMy Profile

  2. Hey Paul, It looks really great! So happy for God’s blessings in your lives.

    Looking forward to seeing it in person! God is Good.

    Not sure which direction I will send the help to you, but It will be this week?

    Talk with you soon.

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