Sometimes Silence is Awesome!

Most men are not nearly as into verbal communication as most women are. Much of this is due to differences in how our brains work, while some may be learned behaviour.

What’s interesting is lack of talking does not mean a lack of connection for men. When two men sit in a boat fishing with a total lack of words, it doesn’t mean they are ignoring each other or would be just as happy alone. They are having a shared experience doing something they both enjoy. The huge fish they caught and released, the one that got away, and the beautiful sunrise/sunset are shared even if they speak few words. The words they do speak are powerful because they are few. It’s like concentrated orange juice – what makes it orange juice is stronger because water has been removed.

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Of course, your husband should to learn to communicate with you in the way you need. However, you should learn to share time with him silently and do so on occasion. Add some simple touch and enjoy being with him without words.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and silently sharing a sunset with my wife is a wondrous thing!

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4 Comments on “Sometimes Silence is Awesome!

  1. This post is dead on! I’m an introverted women who most people think is an extrovert. Mainly because I’m bubbly and I do love to talk. I hover close to center on the spectrum but am definitely more introverted. I like and need a lot of quiet time.

    My husband is the only person I feel comfortable just sitting with in silence. When I’m with other people, I usually feel uncomfortable if there is a lull in conversation. If I’m with someone other than my husband for a long time, even if they do most of the talking, it’s very draining.

    My husband and I love taking long drives together and enjoying the beautiful scenery where we live. We usually don’t say much during our drives, but it IS very powerful when we do (even if it’s just sporatic chit chat). When we get home, I always feel that we just spent quality time together connecting through a shared experience. I feel much closer to him because we are able to be together in silence and not feel like something is wrong because we aren’t talking. Silence is awesome and can lead to a deeper connectedness!

  2. I don’t get to fish as much as I use too but when I am able to I love the peace and quite feel of being outside in nature. I usually go with my Dad and we usually just sit there and enjoy the nature.

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