What A Great Day!

Today is the birthday of one of the most wonderful, generous, beautiful women in the world!

Birthday cake for Lori © mcmi | dollarphotoclub.com

I was not alive yet when my wife was born (older women rock!) but it was one of the most important days in history for me. I’d say I can’t imagine my life without her, but I can, and I don’t like what I see! God has used my dear wife to help me in so many ways. I have been challenged by her integrity and her dedication to being healed no matter what the cost. Her ability to ask questions has taught me a great deal about myself. Her willingness to join me in adventure has given us all kinds of wonderful times and great stories. As she has become sexually whole she’s taught me about many things about sex and completed my sexually. 

If you doubt your husband would say glowing things about you on your birthday, I’m sorry. Part of that is on him, but part of it might be on you. Deal with your part and leave him to deal with his part. 

Regardless of what you think your husband would say on your birthday, I suggest you use social media to post praises of him on his birthday. Show the world how much you love him, it will bless him.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I have the best possible XX match!

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Image Credit: © mcmi | dollarphotoclub.com

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13 Comments on “What A Great Day!

  1. That is very nice! Your wife must feel blessed. My birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc are spotty. Sometimes he does something, most of the times they aren’t even acknowledged until we go to bed at night and he mutters, “well, I didn’t do anything for your birthday/mother’s day.”

    It hurts, but with my husband if he can’t buy it, there’s nothing left to give. Homemade card, massage, breakfast in bed, sex for me, or even just SAYING, “happy birthday” are things I would love and have suggested.

    So, I feel hurt and sad, but don’t dwell on it or hold it over his head. I feel sorry he can’t be more creative or realize he could have bought me something like he wanted to instead of buying himself something for his hobby.

    I know I am not his #2, and likely God isn’t his #1, and I knew that when I said I Do, so really, I have no one to blame but myself.

    • libl I relate to much of what you say here. Sounds like your spouse may struggle with depression a bit? My husband seems to need SO much affirmation and compliments FROM him are rare. But I treasure and cherish them and have learned not to expect more than he can freely give.

        • Paul and I are at home working on the RV (Paul is right now on the roof changing out a fan and scoop, he is having waaay too much fun), but we are planning a few mini-trips over the summer (to build our RVing skills and make sure everything is ship shape) and will start a big loop around the US this fall.
          Lori Byerly recently posted…Honor Growth and ChangeMy Profile

          • It sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t have much first-hand experience but know some folks who do. One thing most agree on is carrying certain spare parts with you. Some hoses and belts and wiper blades can be more difficult to get in a location or take an inordinate amount of time to get replaced. A rope-patch kit for tubeless tires can be a handy thing to have also and is not that expensive. You can’t safely path a sidewall though, if at all. Some oil and spare anti-freeze is good to have on hand also. Not surprisingly, you can also buy these things at the cheapest price when you don’t need them. :)
            Dan recently posted…Oral Sex: Giving and Receiving the Gift — Part 1My Profile

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. We are mostly in the RV now (bedroom, bathroom, living room and some kitchen, we have the standing desk area and the rest of the kitchen to go) and I think it’s grand. I’m looking forward to when we are all in and on the road.
      Lori Byerly recently posted…Honor Growth and ChangeMy Profile

  2. Untill I get the little oven figured out, a cake is way beyond my current ability!

    But I took her out to dinner at the nicest place in town! (Note the population of our town is 3,500!)
    Paul Byerly recently posted…Follow Up – 2 Years LaterMy Profile

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