Father’s Day

Sunday is Father’s Day in the USofA. Fathers at my church will get beef sticks. Some men get a sermon telling them to shape up. Few fathers will get the kind of appreciation they should receive.

Father and Daughter with Kite  © adrenalinapura | dollarphotoclub.com

I said on Mother’s Day raising kids is increasingly difficult in modern society. While I will stand by my statement mothering costs more, being a father is even less respected than being a mother. Much of society sees fathers as little more than a necessary source for sperm. Others assume fathers are too tough and possibly abusive until proven otherwise – without any chance to prove otherwise.

The fact is children who grow up with their mother and father are better off in many, many ways. It’s God’s plan, and it works. If you hear someone saying otherwise, don’t let them go unchallenged.

As for your hubby, the perfect way to celebrate is to re-enact the event that made him a father. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and so is my son… and his son!

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Image Credit: © adrenalinapura | dollarphotoclub.com

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