Get A Joint Hobby

What do you and your husband do together to have fun? Do you share an interest, sport, or hobby?

For men doing things with someone else is a way of bonding. Doing something active is especially good. Conversation is unnecessary for most men to bond over activities, but most men are more comfortable talking while doing something, so it can be a good way to get in some conversation too.

Zentangled rocks © Lori Byerly

If you’re not able or willing to join him in something he already does, look for a new activity to share. For example, Lori and I recently started doing geocaching together. We tied in one of Lori’s hobbies by having her make rocks to leave in larger caches (see image above). This makes one her hobbies more of a couple thing. 

If you’re a geocacher, or become one, we are GenerousJourney on When space allows, we are leaving Lori’s painted rocks in caches. As we circle the country, we will leave as many as possible. See if you can snag one! Each rock has on the back. 

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Image Credit: © Lori Byerly

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