His and Her Tasks

Moving from a house to full time RVing has given Lori and me an interesting chance to rethink and re-divide what needs to be done around the house. Because of things such as space limitations and regularly changing location, much of the “housework” has changed, and we have a number of new tasks. In addition to this we’ve both grown up a good deal; we have fewer hot buttons and nothing to prove.

Couple cleaning © highwaystarz | dollarphotoclub.com

I used to have a need to know everything, even if I wasn’t doing it. Now there are aspects of our daily life I know nothing about. Lori does them, does them well, and I’m happy she takes care of them. Lori used to feel uptight about things she needed me to do. I see her becoming less concerned about this.

What I find most interesting is how easily we have “divided” the tasks. We’ve not discussed most of it, we just each do what needs to be done. We each do what only we can do, and we each find ways to take care of other things to free our spouse to do what they need to do. Some tasks are open; whoever gets to them first does them.

It’s amazing how easy it is when you love and trust each other and don’t have anything to prove. It’s about what is best for us as a couple, nothing else.

How might things change around your place if you and your husband could start over from scratch? Could you let go of anything? Could you hand off certain things? Would you find you wanted to pick up some of what he does? Might you feel you should take on some of what have been “his jobs”? It might be worth a few discussions.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I live in a very nice little tin can!

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Image Credit: © highwaystarz | dollarphotoclub.com

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