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Excuse me taking up a whole post for this. If you don’t care, I’ll see you next time!

We are now less than two weeks from heading out on the road full time. It’s exciting, a bit intimidating, and very busy. The water heater has been fixed, and the new heater arrives today. We should be ready on time, but we won’t be sitting around between now and then!

Paul, Lori, and RV Feb 2015 © Paul H. Byerly

If you want to see where we are going, or keep up with us, check out The Generous Journey. When we are moving around we will post regular pictures. Our travel map is here.  

If you want to connect with us use the contact form on the right side of any Generous Journey page. We would really like to share coffee or a meal with as many of you as possible. If you see from the map we will be close, get a hold of us.

If you want us to speak use the same form. For more on us speaking see Have Us Speak. We are doing a limited number of engagements this fall, but I can fit in another one or two. We will be looking to do more speaking in the Eastern part of the US in the late winter, spring, and early summer of next year. I’ll get a proposed travel path up as soon as I can.

If you currently support us by mail, please see our new mailing address at the bottom of this post. We’ll send mail to as many of you as possible, but we don’t have return addresses if you give by bill pay.

If you would like to help out, we have a wish list of things we could really use, with price tags from $10 to $550. We can get you a giving in kind receipt if you want, making it tax deductible. Of course you can give one-time or set up a recurring donation too (the Razoo widget gives you an option to make a donation recurring on the second slide).

Above all else, PLEASE PRAY! While we expect to have fun doing this, it is first and foremost about ministering to marriages. We want to help couples we meet individually. We want to speak into marriages in group meetings. We want to encourage and equip those who are ministering to marriages, and those who want to start ministering. In addition to what we give, we will be learning. The better we understand other marriages, the better we can help both in person and in what we write here.

This is not about numbers; it’s about having an impact. Size is not a factor for us, we just want to be where God wants us doing what He wants us to do. One, twenty, a hundred, it doesn’t matter. This also is not about money. Cover our costs and take a love offering and we will come. 

Finally, a HUGE THANKS! I said from the start fifteen months ago this was beyond us and would only happen if God did it. I also indicated I felt God want to get us there with help from many, many of you, not a couple of big donations. We had more than 350 of you reach out to make this happen. We’ve also been deluged with mail and email offering thoughts, prayers, and RVing advice. It’s been a wonderful experience, and Lori and I want you all to know how very much we value and appreciate your help. May God richly bless your finances and your marriages!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I might be coming to a town near you!

Totally unrelated: Have you taken our Masturbation in Marriage survey? We tally it tomorrow, and could use a few more female voices. Thanks!

New Mailing Address:

The Marriage Bed, Inc.
4641 Lyons Hill Road
Springdale, WA 99173

Phone for BillPay: 509-654-9206


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