Climate Control

Last week my friend Scott had a couple of great posts on changing the culture of your marriage. (Links at the end) It’s a valid and important issue for both spouses, but I think women have an edge on this one.

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For whatever reason, the woman of the house has a good deal of influence over the emotional climate of the family – be it for good or bad. I know some of you agree with this, as several agreed with J’s commented on my Happy Wife, Happy Life? post: “It seems that the woman has a unique ability to set the tone in a household.” I’ve seen this in many households where I’ve been, and especially when I spend enough time to move past the guest stage.

I’ve certainly seen a man’s bad mood pull a family down, but rarely as fast or fully as a woman’s bad mood. Likewise for a positive, happy mood; her good mood seems to influence the rest of the family more than his good mood.

As Ben Parker said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife’s mood affects me a good deal.

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2 Comments on “Climate Control

  1. I admit, this is true and I sometimes resent it. It really does feel like bulk of the work and effort in a marriage, home, and family life falls on the woman. Maybe that is why they call it “the mother load.”

    It can be exhausting and overwhelming.

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