Running From vs Running To

Years ago when wonderful Lori and I were planning to move from one church to another, a very wise friend asked us if we were doing this because we were running to the new church (his church by the way) or running from something at the church we were leaving.

Running to or running away from – I’ve asked myself this question many times since, in all kinds of situations.

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When you run to something you’re aiming for a distinct point. When you’re running from something you’re doing anything you can to get away from a distinct point. The latter means you’re not paying enough attention to where you may end up. It’s a good way to find yourself somewhere as bad as or worse than where you were before.

This can be applied to most areas of life, and it certainly can apply to your relationship with your husband. In the past, how has running from shaped your marriage? Think about both your running and his running. If problems still exist from any of these, admit the reason and work to fix things. For the future, resolve to not run away from things until you have a clear direction to run, and a good reason to run that way.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I like to pass on wisdom.

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Image Credit: © Sergey Nivens |

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2 Comments on “Running From vs Running To

  1. I’ve noticed that when I started making an intentional effort to ‘run to’ the hard things, it gets easier to respond to life the way I WANT to respond…the way that fits the self-image I have for myself.

    But it starts with the effort…don’t put off cleaning the filters of the fish tank, and don’t put off cleaning the toilet hoping your wife will do it.

    Do. It. Yourself.
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