Less Space, Less Mess

I’ve always been messy. In part, this is because I didn’t see the mess. Or at least I didn’t consciously process it; the mess was below my threshold of awareness. My long-suffering wife has a much lower mess threshold, which meant she reached “I can’t take it!” before I even got to “Things are a bit messy.” So she either cleaned things up or suffered.

The last fifteen years of so I’ve made a strong effort to change this. I’ve done better, but not seeing the mess really hampered my doing anything about it.

Tiny House © SSilver | dollarphotoclub.com

Then we moved into an RV, where space is a premium and everything has to be nailed down every time we move.

Suddenly I became aware of my environment and any mess. A place for everything and everything in its place isn’t just a good idea now, it’s critical. 

I usually hit the kitchen in the morning first, and putting up the dishes left to dry the night before has become my first step in making my breakfast. I can’t forget this because I am working inches from where the dishes dry. The “dining-room table” is too small for a lot of junk – more than a couple of items and we can’t get food on the table. If I don’t put my shoes up when I take them off, I will trip over them before I put the on in the morning.

For me at least, having a lot of space encourage being messy. Less space and fewer things has caused me to become better organised and much less messy. I don’t know how to turn this into practical advice for others, but maybe it will help you see things differently and come up with some solutions.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m not a mess any more! 

Two years!: Yesterday this blog turned 2 years old. It’s been a blast, and I’ve learned a great deal from you wonderful ladies. I hope some of you have learned half as much about men as I have learned about women. Thanks for the reads, shares, and comments.

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2 Comments on “Less Space, Less Mess

  1. My husband and I often discuss your posts; we’ve had many discussions that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible because I didn’t even know the subject existed and he didn’t know that I didn’t know. He doesn’t agree that men are so much ‘all sex all the time’ as you sometimes present it.

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