Addicted to Quality

Lovely Lori and I never drank coffee until we moved to the Northwest – where it’s a law you have to drink the stuff. At first it was mostly a social thing, but we started to enjoy it over time.

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When we were making the move to the RV we decided we wanted to be able to do coffee, but both space and power were limiting factors. So we got an Aeropress, which is small and can make coffee with water heated on the (propane) stove. Aside from working well for us, it turns out the Aeropress makes the best tasting coffee we’ve ever had; smooth and no hint of bitterness.

Suddenly what we make at home is the coffee by which we judge all others. We have become “addicted” to a level of quality. The same thing has happened in our marriage. My wonderful wife has spoiled me with high-quality love. She showers me with generosity and appreciation. She also gives me much-needed balance and, when needed, questions my thinking in loving ways. I’ve become addicted to a quality of love and friendship I know I could not get from anyone else. I’ve done the same with her.

Are you working to get your husband addicted to your love?

~ Paul – I’m XY and I’m happily addicted to my wife.

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  1. LOVE this! Thank you and Lori for setting such fine examples!

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