Free to Be Me!

This is mostly to brag on my most excellent wife. If you can glean from her example, even better.

I’m not an easy man to be married to. Yes, I’ve learned to be loving and wonderful and all that, but I’m a bit ADHD. Actually not a bit, a lot. I’m also both a morning person and a night owl. I’m going full out before Lori finds the edge of the bed, and I’m still going when she is falling asleep. On a good day, I’m high energy; on a bad day I circle manic.

We decided today would be a writing day. I woke up with an unusual amount of energy and went at it full out. I’ve knocked out a dozen posts (so far). I’ve also bounced off the walls a good bit. I’ve danced, I’ve pace, I’ve washed dishes at high speed. 

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Now here’s the thing – I could either write like crazy or keep myself calm. I could not do both. I did keep the level below sonic boom, but just. The thing is my wonderful wife was fine with it all. She actually took a nap on the couch feet from where I was vibrating – how I will never know. She’s okay with me being me. What a massive blessing!

My wife loves me, which is great. She also accepts me as I am, which is fantastic. I have no fear of her looking down on me or expressing frustration with me doing what comes naturally. If I’m causing her problems, she’ll let me know; otherwise it’s all good.

I pray you offer your hubby the same. I also pray he is doing this for you.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I need more coffee!

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