Sex and Busyness

And so it begins, the busiest, craziest 35 days of the year. 

Busyness is bad for us, and for our marriages. It’s also bad for our sex lives.

Sleeping wife, horny husband © MaxRiesgol |

If you want and enjoy sex, be aware choosing more holiday activities means choosing less sex. 

If your husband complains about a lack of sex, help him understand choosing more holiday activities means choosing less sex. I’m not offering you an excuse here, just reality. If he wants to do every party, it’s going to limit the time he has with you for all manner of things, including sex.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I guard my time with my wife jealously. 

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Image Credit: © MaxRiesgol |

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2 Comments on “Sex and Busyness

  1. That’s the great thing about being too poor and having too many kids…..we can’t afford to be busy during the holidays. So while everyone else is keeping up with the Jones’s we stay home and have fun.

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