Giving Him Sex for Christmas

If you want to give your husband sex for Christmas, coupons are a great way to go. You decide what to offer, you set boundaries, and he feels loved.

If you try this, set some good limits. State how often he can redeem a coupon. Detail how much advance notice you need, which will vary by what the coupon offers. 

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If you get clever you can use sex coupons to do more than just give him a thrill. You can use them to learn about him, to change attitudes, and to teach a few lessons. 

For example:

  • Explain the realities of hormones and menstruation and why some coupons can only be redeemed at certain times of the month.
  • Create coupons with a choice – “You get ____ or _____.” Which he chooses will teach you about his preferences. You could learn which sex acts he most enjoys, which positions he likes, and so on.
  • Try a couple of coupons offering to let him pleasure you, with a promise to take care of him afterwards. Many men would jump at the chance to take their wife to orgasm with their mouth. Again, you can learn about his preferences based on which of this kind of coupons he does and does not redeem.  
  • Give him coupons offering to tell him about anything sexual he wants to know about you. What he chooses to ask will be educational. 
  • Teach him there are various ways to enjoy sex by giving him coupons for quickies or a hand job when you don’t want sex and he does.
  • Offer some coupons with prerequisites. For example:
    • “After dinner and a movie, we will _____.”
    • “After you have gone without for 4 days, I will _____. Coupon must be presented before the 4 days start.”
  • Give him a coupon which allows him to share one non-sinful thing he would like to do with you but has been afraid to suggest. Promise to listen without getting upset, and have some form of sex after he shares. 
  • If you’re looking for something a little more daring:
    • You will take or allow him to take naked pictures of you, or of the two of you. State how they will be stored, or when they will be deleted.
    • A striptease.  
    • Offer to let him watch you masturbate to orgasm.
    • Oral on him to climax. Or offer to swallow.

I realise this is over the top for some of you while others are the ones who would like to receive such coupons. This is not for everyone. The coupons I’ve linked to are on the TMB site. You can download them as a DOC file and enter your text before you print, or download the PDF, print, and then write in what you like. There is a non-Christmas coupon specifically for sex at the bottom of the page.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife knows how to give me great Christmas gifts!

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One Comment on “Giving Him Sex for Christmas

  1. Great idea! I’d suggest to wives who are considering this idea to make sure to include new things and rare things, particularly things that he’s asked for in the past. Having a coupon that is for something you do regularly won’t really be much of a gift. Go for something daring that maybe you or he has always fantasized about, but have never/rarely done. It’ll make a great gift!

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